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Generally speaking, if you add me, I'll add you back. But you don't need to add me for the stories, they're all unlocked. I'm very good about tagging the stories, so just click on pairing or character tag to find what you want. I hope to eventually have a directory up here.

Locked entries are mostly about real life, sometimes about politics, and very often about fandom. Real life is usually dull, my politics are very liberal, and aside from Harry Potter, my fandoms are: Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, The Hunger Games, Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, Community, and Hannibal.

But despite what you may have heard, my entries are not the lj equivalent of a burn book. So if you're looking for gossip, it's not here. Sorry :(

Also, I have a new job

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I have stuff to write about but I'm tired so all you are getting is this from the most recent episode.

Draco Malfoy: Secret Targ.

Watch the Queen conquer

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Random theories about Sansa. Spoilery for all books.Collapse )

Random theories about changes between the show and books. Spoilery for ASOS, AFFC, and ADWD.Collapse )

And that's about all for this post. In real life, I've been doing so many phone interviews and OKC chats that I expect to get them hilariously confused at some point.

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Important Fannish Thoughts:

Game of Thrones: S3 wasn't as great as it could have been and yet, I find myself excited for next week. Bring on the Martells!

Community: I have no idea why I'm still watching this show tbh. SpoilersCollapse )

Shameless: I still have yet to start watching this show and I'm not sure why that is as I'm very curious to see how they depict Canaryville so I can mercilessly nitpick it and am also amused that the title characters share my mother's maiden name. I'd say that's a coincidence but as one of the show creators grew up with my brothers - nah.

Reign: This show is so amazingly dumb and I love it. SpoilersCollapse )

True Detective: I was bored one night and caught the fifth episode of this show and was immediately hooked. I totally get the criticisms about the portrayal of female characters and the blatant ripping off of Hannibal but I loved it. The partnership between Rust and Marty just sold it. And unlike half the internet, SpoilersCollapse )

Brooklyn 99: The season finale actually surprised me!

Elementary: I am so not feeling this second season. My problem with getting into Sherlock is that sometimes the acting and story devices are so incredibly hammy as if they're going "look, I'm Pumpernickle Cabbagepatch slumming on the telly, isn't that funny?" that it just grates. It's just too "wink-wink" over-the-top as it goes on. And at the opposite end there's Elementary, taking itself so fucking seriously until you just want to give it a good shake and say "you're just a tv show get over yourself!" But no, it just gets more dry.

Hannibal: SpoilersCollapse )

Marvel & DCU: I really need to see Winter Soldier soon and I'm very hopeful that we might see a Wonder Woman movie soon. Please don't let it suck.

Harry Potter: Thanks to that interview, I have an idea for some Ron/Hermione fic dealing with their therapy sessions. And by therapy, I mean sex. I just need time to write it.

Real Life - Work, Sex, KittensCollapse )

So I read the infamous interview

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Everyone will be wanking about the Harmonians "being right" (honestly, she spends more time talking about the movies than the books that it's hard to say) but I'm more disturbed by the fact that the Slytherfen were right about JKR and all her issues.

I was one of JKR's ardent defenders as many of you know but I just ... wow. It is just a mess of her projecting her insecurities all over the place.

I can't even take it seriously. It's done nothing to my feelings about Ron/Hermione, mainly my reaction is this:

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I've been afraid of changing

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Real life. Warning: Sad animal stuff.Collapse )

+ OMG JKR IS SUCH A TROLL. I don't even know. On some level I'm annoyed and doing the kind of armchair psychoanalyzing of her that would make a Snapefen proud. (Like oh, her husband is like Harry and H/G are soulmates but when she was newly-divorced she wrote about her self-insert ending up with her bff whom she based off of her childhood bff? OK NOW.) And I really doubt she will actually say anything about regretting Ron/Hermione just how she wrote them (because they were kind of crap around HBP) and not that H/Hr is endgame but that they're so similar being up their own asses with their savior complexes and all but they need someone like Ginny and Ron because they help them get out of their heads or blah blah blah whatever.

If she actually does think it was a mistake, I'm totally blaming Kloves. And her stupid insistence on prioritizing movie canon over book canon. Hermione punched Draco? Lycanthropy isn't about mental illness but now it's about AIDS even though you made the character straight? Non-existent Ginny in book 7 along with Luna's stagnant characterization in that same book and Ron going backwards? Okay.

But bless her trolly ways, she gave me the most fun I've had in days.

+ So... now that R/Hr is the underdog ship that is unfairly bashed by its creator, fandom will stick to its contrary ways and start writing more R/Hr right? Right?


+ I have a couple of fics I meant to finish but dog-related things came up. Honestly, that last month I decided anything that wasn't related to work wasn't necessary and I would spend all my time with Roxie. I don't regret it. But I was a total flake on smutty_claus both as a writer and a recipient and I actually wrote apologies to both the person who wrote for me and my giftee for my crappy ways. drcjsnider already knows she's getting a Draco/Rose (with some other pairings she may find interesting) as an apology. I couldn't write it for smutty_claus because it was very obviously a sequel to another fic and there was no way around that.

And with this news, I may also write that smutty Ron/Hermione idea that's been rolling around in my head for a while.

+ Seriously though, check out idea_of_sarcasm's Draco/Asteria fic A Potion by Any Other Name.

"I want to help you."

Asteria was well and truly disconcerted, "With what?"

"With Draco." With that, Pansy tossed the vial at her, and in her slightly less than cognizant state she had to desperately fumble around five times to finally catch it, even if it was barely clasped between her fingers when she was done.

"He loves me," Pansy said simply, as if it was a matter of fact and not a simple matter of hubris, "no matter what else has changed, he still loves me. But I'm not quite right, for him, for his family – rather, my reputation isn't, my lack of family galleons isn't. It's what he proposed to you for, you know, for all that. You have those things, but breeding as well so he doesn't have to put up with something as uncouth as a Weasley. It's not said to be cruel Asteria, but to clarify."

Leave her some love. It's awesome and deserves it.

+ Assuming it was prompted, which is a big if, I hope to see lots of defiant Ron/Hermione for the 15th porn battle. Don't let me down again, fandom!
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RIP Roxanne. 1997-2014

She was, in her own way, a good dog.

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Nothing comes close to the Golden Coast

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+ I will be sending out cards this weekend, so there's still time to ask!

+ About my trip to Santa Barbara. In which I mainly talk about food.Collapse )

I kinda feel like I needed a vacation from my vacation but since it's the end of the month/end of the year and the holidays, that wasn't happening. I'm not even going to take off early on Christmas Eve, even though I could, because I want to get some stuff organized before the New Year.

There's more I wanted to say but I have to get ready for a long day at work. One of our biggest clients, "The Russians" (as Melisende calls them) will be having a party for us. From what I'm told regarding previous years, there will be steak, sushi, wine and vodka. Lots and lots of vodka.

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One of these months I will finish a meme

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+ This dimly-lit picture is to prove I am 100% serious about sending out holiday cards this year! I have already sent out the first batch so if you requested one this year or requested one in previous years and haven't moved then I have sent it!

If you would still like a card, comments are screened.

+ Cut to save your flist - my Christmas tree and a headless dog.Collapse )

+ Speaking of dogs, Roxy had a grand mal seizure on Thanksgiving. It's the first that she's had - that I know of. It was brief and she didn't lose conciousness but it was rather scary for the both of us. I attempted to take her to the one emergency vet that was open on the Southside - 30 miles away - but when I got her into the car she got nervous and refused to sit or calm down so I gave up. I took her to her vet on Saturday and spent the weekend convincing myself her kidneys were failing/her liver was failing/she had a brain tumor/all of the above.

On Monday her results came back - her heart is okay, her lungs are okay, her kidneys and liver are okay, and her red and white blood cell counts (to indicate cancer or any other problems) are normal. Which, given that her 17th birthday is in March, is pretty remarkable. In fact, other than some arthritis and cataracts, she's otherwise fine. Though she is at risk for pancreatitis and her potassium was a bit low so the vet thinks that could have been a trigger. Since she hasn't had any other symptoms like vomitting or loss of appetite, we're in the wait and see stage. Given her age, I'm not in the mood to take her for any more tests unless necessary. Especially after her hysterical display on Saturday. After sitting still and being perfectly docile during her rabies shot, them shaving some of her hair, and putting a muzzle on her, she decided to rear back - almost off the table - and grab the doctor's hand in her forearms when he tried to take her blood. It took three people to hold her still.

I was so proud of her.

+ So needless to say, after that weekend, I am super behind on my smutty_claus. Ha ha ha god help me.

+ hondagirll and i_am_girlfriday - check your emails, please.
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Real Life StuffCollapse )

+ If you love pop music, check out this amazing mix. A collection of the hit songs of the past 70 years.

Also, I got annoyed with that 10 days meme so I think I'm going to change it up and post it later. Instead have the NaBloPoMo meme.

The first four questions.Collapse )

The rest of the meme.Collapse )

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